Travel Questions

I would like to visit the property, is that possible?

You can visit anytime! We regularly host groups and individuals on the farm. You can reserve the Treehouse or stay at the camp by visiting AirBnB. If you are interested in receiving specific information about the project and would like a personal tour of the farm, please contact Kathryn Lake.

Do I need a vaccination?

The Dominican Republic does not require visitors to have a Covid-19 test, vaccination, or travel insurance.

How long is the flight from NYC/MIA/Europe?

New York is 4 hours, Miami under 2 hours, Europe 7 hours.

How do I get to Manabao?

You can rent a car, contract a taxi/Uber or take the bus.

What are the closest airports to Jarabacoa?

The Dominican Republic has 6 international airports. Santiago (STI) is the closest airport, 30 minutes from Jarabacoa, an hour from Angostura de Manabao.