La Estancia Eco Lodge

What is the process for starting?

  • Visit the farm and chose your lot
  • Decide on your model
  • 1st payment: 10% Down Payment upon signing of your contract. the Down Payment will secure your location
  • 2nd payment: 30% Is due once all applicable permits for construction have been released. Construction starts upon 2nd payment
  • 3rd payment: 30% Is due once the structure of the home is complete, minus doors, windows and interior finishes
  • 4th payment: 10% Is due when Mechanical. Electrical & Plumbing rough-ins are completed and the OWTS (Onsite Wastewater Treatment System) is complete
  • 5th payment: 10% Is due once cabinetry, doors and windows are installed and electrical and plumbing trim-out is complete
  • 6th payment: 10% Is due once construction is 100% substantially complete and prior to move in and use of the property by owner. An owner is not permitted to take possession of the dwelling until the contracted payment is 100% executed. The process for transferring the property title over to your name or desire entity will begin upon receipt the final payment has been made. You will be responsible to all fees relate to the transfer of the title, including the cost related to your new survey. Our attorney will handle the process for you, with no hassle.

When can I start building my Eco Lodge?

Estancia Natura has all national and local project permits, so once your individual A Frame Unit has been approved by Jarabacoa’s urban planning department, which will take approximately 6 weeks, your ready to break ground. Remember, any changes to the standard plan, will result in additional time and cost.

What is the potential ROI (return on investment) can I expect for each Ecolodge

A conservative ‘stabilized’ ROI, after expenses will be between 14% – 22%  This is based on 20 years of actual experience on the farm.

What are the three models

  • Unit Type A 1372 sq (128m2) Mezzanine, Entry Balcony, Foyer, 1st Floor Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Terrace, Flex Room, Mechanical Room, Under-stair Storage, Hall, Basement Bathroom, Master Bedroom, Balcony

  • Unit Type B 784 sq (73m2) Mezzanine, Entry Balcony, Foyer, 1st Floor Bathroom, Kitchen, Bedroom, Terrace

What is included in the price for an Eco Lodge?

  • Each A Frame includes a 1,000 M2 (1/4 Acre) Lot, individually titled to you!
  • Private bath on main level
  • Bedroom area on main level
  • Front terrace with fire pit.
  • Lockable space below the main level for mechanical equipment.  (Larger units have owner’s storage)
  • Potable Water Connection
  • Waste Water Treatment plant Connection.
  • Dedicated Independent Solar System
  • 5 free cleans each year by Estancia Cleaning Team after personal use stays.

What does a La Estancia Eco Lodge Unit Look like?

– Our Units are a modified A-Frame and range in size from a 784 sq ft (73m2) one room guest suite with a full bathroom and kitchenette to a 1372 Sq Ft (128 m2) 2.5 bedroom 2 bath 3 level unit with a full kitchen.

How many standard options are there for the Eco Lodge Units and how much does each one cost?

  • There are two standard options
  • Unit A  784 sq (73m2). Current pricing for Unit A is $150,000USD
  • Unit B  1372 sq (128m2). Current pricing for Unit B is $230,000USD

What are the common amenities that are a part of the La Estancia Collective

  • Access to more than 20km of Trails
  • Access to the Spirit Mountain Coffee Farm
  • Access to resident co-farming area
  • Exclusive access to 100,000 square meters of the natural area surrounding the collective.
  • Potable Water System for the Eco Lodge collective
  • Waste Water Treatment plants

What portion of the farm does La Estancia occupy”?

La Estancia Eco Lodge A Frame units are distributed throughout a large portion of the farm, in order to keep density to a minimum and provide a relatively private experience for guests.

What exactly is La Estancia Eco Lodge ?

La Estancia Eco Lodge is a hybrid project, including an individual title for a parcel of land + shared infrastructure, including water and sewer.  Each individual structure is individually owned, while, infrastructure and the shared amenity spaces exclusively built for La Estancia, are available to the collective.  Our onsite management company cares for all aspects of La Estancia, providing an exclusive concierge service for all guests.  We will manage all booking related operations and provide a comprehensive onsite property management experience.