Construction Cost Questions

Are home owners allowed to keep farm animals, like chickens or goats and build a shed for this purpose?

Although this is a working Farm, no farm animals will be permitted within the residential areas.  It is likely that we will provide a community amenity  within the working farm area for home owners to keep a few personal  animals.

Can I customize one of your standard designs?

Yes, that could happen.

Will each home have it’s own self sustaining Solar system or will this be shared?

Each house will be independent.

where is the water coming from?

We will be supplying fresh spring water from our own natural springs on the farm. Our spring are located high up on the mountain, naturally protected from contamination. We will install a meter for each home, and water usage will be billed monthly, based on water used.

Where will solar panels be located?

Solar panels will be located in such a way that do not negatively affect other home owner’s views. Generally, panels will be located on the roof of the car port.

Is there any risk of increased costs of building etc. for the purchaser?

No. Once you sign a contract and agree on a design and scope of work, your project costs are fixed.

How fast can my house be built?

A typical time frame for building a 1-3 bedroom house is approximately 6 months. However, there is a waiting time of about 3-9 months before we start building, for permitting and planning.

When will construction begin?

Once you have signed your contract and transferred funds it will take approximately 3 months to obtain a permit for construction. If you choose to pursue a custom design for you home, our Design Process takes between 3 – 6 months. We can start with site preparation as soon as the contract is signed and funds transferred, so no time is lost.

When are communal areas and services expected to be up and running?

Some of our the community areas have been up and running some time, you are welcome to arrange a stay in Papagayo, our Luxury Tree House. Management and security is live and running and you will be able to rent out the Villa immediately. By the end of 2025 most of the proposed community areas will be built and ready for use.

For more information regarding La Estancia Eco-Lodge A Frame Club, you can download an updated PDF Sales Brochure.

Have all slope analysis, erosion checks, and safety measures been made already?

Yes, we have been developing Spirit Mountain over the last 20 years and we have checked the land with various engineers and are taking every possible precaution to develop this project in an environmentally sustainable manner.