General Estancia Natura Questions

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What is the timeline for the completion of the communal areas for Estancia Natura?

Much of the infrastructure is already complete and residents of Estancia Natura will enjoy 20 years of development of a pristine destination. The expected timeline for the completion of our community areas is 2025/26.

What is the demographic for the investors who are currently part of the project?

The Estancia Natura community are primarily Dominicans and North Americans. We are a diverse age group, ranging from our mid 20’s through 70’s and we come from various occupational backgrounds.vv

Are you working in any other projects?

No, our focus is 100% on this community.v

Are you the only community in the greater Jarabacoa Valley?

No, there are innumerable gated communities in the area, though we are the only one located in Manabao. Jarabacoa is a vibrant vacation destination because of the ideal climate and breathtaking natural environment. Of all the gated residential communities that exist, few are providing community amenities anywhere close to what you will encounter at EN.

Is Estancia Natura a family-friendly space?

Our will is to create a community open to every type of person and their clan. If the trend is pointing towards more families, we will adjust the amenities to suit that need. There is an internationally accredited bi-lingual college prep school in Jarabacoa, Doulos Discovery School, so no one need worry about their child’s education. Doulos is cutting edge educational program, second to none, anywhere in the world. There are several other English and Spanish private schools in the area as well.

If I’m not 100% satisfied with the construction at the end of the build what do I do?

Here at Estancia Natura, we are dedicated to creating a well-executed community project. That being said all construction has a 1-year warranty on the build. The contract itself is very detailed as to what you will be receiving as far as finishes and construction materials. You will be getting the same villa, as shown in our unit specifications document.

Am I buying directly from Estancia Natura?

Yes, we are the sole owners of the project and are executing all sales, marketing and construction in-house.

What are the benefits of living within the Estancia Natura community?

Houses within Estancia Natura are built ground up, are beautifully designed and crafted to last. EN has amenities that are exclusive to its residents including a Yoga & Fitness area, a co-working space, a private nature preserve for recreation and primitive camping experiences, communal gardens and is located in a gated property with 24hr security service providing comfort and security for your family and investment.

We are intentionally creating a diverse community of like-minded people, who maintain a healthy lifestyle and an adventurous spirit. Spirit Mountain has already become the top place to visit in Jaraabcoa, which is the ecotourism hub of the Dominican Republic. The community at Estancia Natura is the result of decades of intentional and thoughtful work. Nestled in the foothills of the tallest mountains in the Caribbean, yet only 30 minutes from restaurants and the nightlife of Jarabacoa and only 2 hours from the best beaches in the world.

What do you hope to accomplish at Estancia Natura?

Estancia Natura is uniquely positioned to cater to the needs of remote workers and their families looking to escape the city life in exchange for a more sustainable and simple lifestyle. The community comes fully equipped with all the amenities and facilities necessary to maintain a healthy, well-balanced, co-working lifestyle.