Legal Questions

What do I need to know about Estancia Natura’s management fees and services?

The management fee is 20%, and is only for people owning a property as an investment and are not planning on living there. Many people in Santa Teresa own houses that they use periodically throughout the year, and the rest of the time the property is earning income as short-term rental. Estancia Natura offers internal management services in sort term rentals for the Villas of the community. The management fee covers all rental platforms and advertising, cleaning, maintenance, and all other services that are necessary for running a profitable rental business, making it easy and smart for owners to see the highest return.

Our rental office will be using platforms such as Airbnb and Luxury Retreats to advertise your property. We believe that if everything is run under one umbrella the community and properties will be better managed and protected.

How long will it take to register the property and receive an individual title once I sign the agreement?

All land/title transfers are done with lawyers in the Dominican Republic. After signing, you will have a contract in hand and all documents will be sent immediately our lawyer and to the municipality to be processed.

Are all required permits in hand and taxes paid for the property I’m buying or being part of?


Is the developer the legal owner of the land designated for Estancia Natura, free and clear of any debts?

Yes. The founder and developer has owned Spirit Mountain outright for more than 20 years.