The process….moving from dreaming to reality…

What does it look like to build your dream home on the top of a mountain, in the Caribbean on a coffee farm ? It’s not as difficult as you might think. For starters, we’ve been designing and building dream homes in the Jarabacoa valley for almost 20 years. We are the original Dream Builders, and our team of craftsman are the most skilled and trusted in the re gion. For as little as $300k US, you could own a spectacular, 2 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath modern home tucked into the dense forest, with panoramic views of the tallest mountains in the Caribbean! Our team will walk with you and answer any question you have alon g the entire process, from initial inquires to helping you get moved in.

Step 1: Choose your Lot! We hope that you spend some time exploring Spirit Mountain prior to making a decision.

Step 2: Pay for your Lot. Follow our Detailed Process on the Financing Section of our FAQ section.

Step 3: Design your Home! Learn more about Root Architecture and our in – house Design Process.

Step 4: Build your Home! This is the most fun you will ever have building a home!

Step 5: Move In!

Our award winning design team will make sure you get exactly what you want and need and we will p rovide you with wise counsel as to the best and most sustainable construction methods for the local climate. We are committed to utilizing the m ost modern technologies available, related to sustainable green building methods , while balancing these costs with keeping each project within your desired budget. We have a design process that is easy to understand and fu n. We pride ourselves on providi ng the best value in the country when it comes to the design and the finished product.

Rising costs and inflation have affected every sector and market around the globe. The Dominican Republic remains an amazing value with regards to quality of living and the related costs. While costs escalate and it becomes more difficult to make ends meet, we invite you to consider Estancia Natura as a viable alternative. I just finished building our home in Evergreen, Colorado. As the Architect and General Contract or of the home, I leveraged every advantage I had, and the cost of construction still came in around $280 per square foot. For many of us, these rising construction prices are beginning to get out of hand and for some of us, having a second is just plain out of reach. At Estancia Natura, our modern designs , with modern a menities and utilizing our robust construction methods, cost of construction is still well under 50% of what it costs to bu ild in the US. Add to this, the low operating costs and low tax rates, the viability and the Return On I nvestment in the DR is hard to walk away from.

We have virtually eliminate d the risk of purchasing a home in a foreign country. Our family’s history in country , living and working in the DR and the community we’ve helped create in the town of Jarabacoa, make it a much easier transition to living in the Caribbean. Even if your Spanish is not very good, or even non – existent, we can help you with that!! Let us take the mystery out of living internationally. Send us an email or even better, give us a call and we will walk you through the process and answer any of your questions. If you’ve never been to the Dr, come visit and spend some time at Spirit Mountain!

Written by

Chad Wallace

Our founder and lead architect, Chad is at his best when he’s bringing people together.