Project update and what is for sale.

Estancia Natura A-Frame Club consists of a maximum total of 36 units and will be developed in small communities of 4 to 5 units scattered throughout the farm.

Phase 1 has been fully reserved now and we are excited to start construction of the first community of 5 A Frames this Spring.  Phase 2 may be completely spoken for as well.  We are in serious conversations with an additional group of interested future community members who will likely make up the next group of 5 a Frames with a start date this summer.  That means we are close to 30% sold out in the first 4 months since we opened sales.   We are in no hurry and are not doing any mass marketing.  Thise how have chosen to be a part of the community are either our friends, families who have spent many nights at Spirit Mountain or friend of friends.  This is what most excites us!

There are two models of A Frames being offered.  We have spent the better part of a year designing these amazing little get aways, with incredible intentionality and thought going into each little detail.  At 73mt2 (784SF) for Model A and 127mt2 (1,372SF) for Model B, we have maximized every SF so no space is wasted.   A robust solar system, included with the purchase price, powers the home and potable water come from springs located on the farm.  You will not find a more uniquely designed A Frame with the level of sophistication and thought anywhere.  Each A Frame includes a lot measuring 1,000mt2 (1/4 Acre).  Each cluster of A Frames are surrounded by coffee farm land, mostly native forests, to provide a natural buffer and to preserve the essence of having a private, secluded retreat.  For current pricing and more details about the A Frame Club, please contact me, Chad Wallace.  As of the time of this Blog Post, Type A is going for $150,000USD and Type B for $230,000USD.

We have several Families who have decided to purchase lots along the upper ridge of the farm.  With an elevation of around 5,000 feet above sea level, and wide-open views of the tallest mountains in the Caribbean, Pico Duarte, La Pelona, La Rucia and Pico de Yaque, these lots are an absolutely unique opportunity.  These exclusive home sites range from 4,000mt2 (approximately 1 Acre) to 8,000mt2 (approximately 2 Acres)   Once we have 6 lots sold, we will build the remainder portion of the upper road, providing access to the ridge and lot prices will most assuredly go up.  The current price for these lots is $40USD/mt2.  There are a total of 25 lots, and three are spoken for.

The farm is 335 acres, with about 100 acres of coffee under cultivation.  The remainder of the property is dense hardwood and pine forest, most of which we planted 20+ years ago.  Approximately 40 acres will be developed for the upper home sites and 10 acres for the development of the A Frame Club, That leaves about 285 acres as natural reserve, primitive camping, coffee plantation and open access trails for our residents to enjoy.  No other project has reserved this much open space for the enjoyment of their residents.  We believe that experiencing a close relationship with natura, with sustainable farming is of great value and that Spirit Mountain may be the only opportunity on the island to experience the high mountains of the DR in such a wild and raw manner. 

We are committed to continue to cultivate our coffee.  Spirit Mountain has historically been a coffee farm for well over 50 years, and protecting this history is important to us.  So many have found themselves in the middle of our story because of the coffee, and as challenging as it is to care for our coffee, we consider ourselves stewards of this rich agricultural history.  Coffee farms have mostly disappeared from the island due to the high costs and increasingly challenging environmental conditions related to cultivating coffee.  Coffee has been an important component of our rich history and continuing to nurture this fragile and very special crop is one small way we can be advocates for our island.       

If you are interested in knowing more about the A Frame Club or purchasing a lot on top of Spirit Mountain, please get ahold of me! 

Un Fuerte Abrazo,

Chad Wallace

Farmer, Architect

CEO and Founder – Estancia Natura at Spirit Mountain

Written by

Chad Wallace

Our founder and lead architect, Chad is at his best when he’s bringing people together.