When do I start making payments on my house?

Payments will be divided into three phases:

PHASE 1: Lot
A $25,000 deposit to secure the lot.
Balance equaling 75% of the purchase price (the $25k deposit goes towards this 75%) within 3 months, and prior to beginning architectural design work and the submittal of plans for permitting.
Final payment of remaining balance of the purchase price upon receiving the property title in your name.

PHASE 2: Architectural Design
Architectural plans will be developed for your Mountain Villa and the costs of these plans will be based on a percentage of the construction cost. (Architectural Design services will be approximately 5%-6% of the estimated construction costs and will be handled by our international, award winning, in-house design team – Click here to learn more about our personalized Design Process). Your design fees will be broken into 4 installments : Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Drawings and Permitting.

PHASE 3: Construction of your Mountain Villa
Turn-key construction costs in the mountains of the Dominican Republic average between $100 – $125USD/SF. ($1,075 – $1,344USD/m²)

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